Taiwan Trek

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Want to plan a lifetime adventure in the most exotic country with your friends ?We will help you create a plan tailored for your school. Let's explore the beauty of Taiwan together! 

Why Taiwan

Formosa, literally meaning "Beautiful Island" is a Portuguese name for the Island of Taiwan in 19th. It really means something considering Portuguese sailors had seen numerous islands around the world in the era of discovery. The praises like "Kingdom of birds"or "Kingdom of Butterfly" are just some evidence again of the heavenly beautiful natural wonders here.  


Being a pearl on the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan has been through seven regimes in recent four centuries, like the Dutch, the Spanish, Ming dynasty, Koxinga, Ching Dynasty, Japan, and finally KMT. Thanks to the complicated history, Taiwan has absorbed the beautify of various civilizations and has developed its very own deep and fine culture. And of course, fine cuisine. That's why we are known for our hospitality and gourmet. 

 Sloan Taiwan Trek 
Spring 2017

The initiative of Sloan Taiwan Trek 2017 is to introduce the beauty of Taiwan among future world leaders and make the Taiwan Trek a tradition and legacy among all top MBA schools in the future.

More School Treks coming up

Why are we doing this?



我們整理各校在台灣的活動記錄,希望能激發各位的創意,規劃及分享您有熱忱的行程。而為了減少辦活動的負擔,我們也分享過去的經驗(see "Tips for organizers" or contact us),包括所需的資源,事前準備的項目和時程,招募團員的tips,特色行程的設計,我們都可以陪您一起搞定。而出發後台灣端的食宿交通導遊等等,我們也能幫同學們執行。若各校的台灣同學都能陸續辦起來,幾年後讓Taiwan Trek成為MBA圈的傳統,是很有可能的。

而這個旅行不是普通自由行,是您和同學成為至交的心靈之旅,要讓外國同學透過您的雙眼,看見台灣。身為「台灣隊長」Captain Taiwan,您將成為最好的國民外交大使;而新學期開始時,您和同學間也多了一個新話題,這些朋友將會永永遠遠的跟隨您們共同記憶長存。

Want to introduce your Taiwan root to your school friends? We will help you create a plan tailored for your school. Don't worry about work organizing a trek, like marketing, recruiting, planning itinerary, logistics, budgeting and endless communication to trekkers, team, and vendors. We are sharing travel tips, itineraries, and useful information with those who wish to travel or organize a school trip to Taiwan. Contact me and let's promote the beauty of Taiwan together! 




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