Day 3, Kenting Beach

Today we are at the southern tip of Taiwan, the town & national park of Kenting.Blue water, white sand and the sun. After two days of cultural sightseeing, this was a great place to relax and have a change of pace. Nothing specific was planned for the day, so my “job” today was to chill. Our hotel had a private beach that you can walk right onto from the room. This is definitely a great honeymoon spot too. There was surfing, paddle boarding, and even kite surfing and horseback riding.

Taking a stroll away from the beach inside the Kenting national park, I was able to see the historic lighthouse and indigenous sika deer. Apparently, they used to populate the entire island three hundred years ago, but were hunting to near extinction. Today, due to preservation efforts, there are nearly 3,000 in the Kenting national park. It was interesting to think about a time in history when deer hide was actually Taiwan’s biggest export.

In the evening, we went to the night market in Kenting. It was fun to be able walk around what was basically a fairground, stuffing my face while going from one carnival game to another. When I asked our guides what’s the occasion and why are there all these people, I was told “There is no special occasion, this is how it is, everyday.” My favorite thing was a cheese-beef skewer, and I also get brave points for eating and liking a chicken heart.

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