Day 1


Started the trip with ongoing excitement filled with nature, friendship, culture and Taiwan's famous food scene. 

  • Yangmingshan National Park

  • MIT Welcome Luncheon

  • Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum

  • Dadaocheng - Old Town

  • Shilin Street Night Market

Day 2 Tainan





Taking the high-speed train down to the south, today, we are going to explore the historical city, Tainan. Taiwan was colonized by the Dutch in the 17th century. Nothing's more authentic than going on an epic scooter ride! Yes, now we are truly becoming the locals! Tainan is incredible with all the temples and attractions from the colonial period. Of course, we end the day with more Taiwanese food!     

  • Anping Fort (Anping Gubao)

  • Anping Tree House

  • Confucius Temple 

  • Chihkan Tower (Fort Provintia)

Day 3 Kenting



Continuing the trip further south, we arrived Kenting where you can surf, spot Sika deer, discover coral reefs, and of course, have lots of seafood! 

  • Lay back on the beach

  • Sheding Nature Park: Wild deers

  • ​Eluanbi Lighthouse

  • Kenting Street Night Market


Yes! We are going paragliding today! One of the must-tries if you are not afraid of height. Nothing can beat that panorama view when you are high in the sky, overviewing the East Rift Valley. Breath-taking! Continuing the day with a nice bike ride, our final stop of the day was the tea house. Taiwan's tea has been famous for more than 150 years. Learning about tea culture while sipping the best Oolong tea. Life is not too bad :) 

  • Luye Paragliding

  • Local Tea Plantation

  • Bikeway in the farm in Chishang

Hunting! We came to Chici aboriginal tribe to learn about their culture, including their hunting skills! A total different experience, but we are loving every minute of it! Thank you, our local friends! 


  • Chici aboriginal tribe​

  • Bow an arrow, hunting simulation

  • Tree climbing

  • Camping

Day 4 Luye

Day 5 Chici

Day 6 Hualien


Alright folks, if you haven't fallen in love with Taiwan, Hualien ist he place to make it happen. The gorge view is incredible and the natural hot spring by the river is just ... "wow". We'll leave the photos to justify the beauty. If you are visiting Asia, don't miss this beauty city! 


  • Taroko Gorge

  • Hiking in Zhuili Trail

  • Wenshan Hot Spring

  • Foot Massage

Day 7 Nanao


Another eventful day with river tracing and the endless coastal view. Coming to the end of our trip, we've experienced things we never have, learned the history and culture, and tried the food we never had a chance to. Thank you Taiwan, we can't wait to come back!  


  • Qinshui Cliff

  • ​River Tracing

  • Farewell dinner at Taiwanese classmate's family restaurant